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About Us

About La Hacienda


My name is Sandra Lennox and I was born in Ocotlan Jalisco Mexico.

Our little corner of Mexico is about to be 10 years old Wow!! We open our doors the Summer of 2002!! Very proud of it!!

I remember from an early age the intriguing, sweet and savoury scents of my Mothers cooking and the feasts (for the taste buds and for the eyes) that came out of my Grandmother's kitchen.

I know we all need food to grow up on but I grew up on food!

I became what we now call a "foodie" before I could even pronounce the word. And yes, I grew up with cactus for breakfast and lunch - it is an ancient vegetable, very healthy and a natural choice.

For our menu we selected the most popular items from the many regions of Mexico, recipes that have been passed down from pre-colonial times through countless generations.


We're extremely proud of what we've accomplished. Our little taste of Mexico in Downtown Peterborough brings pleasure to many but no more pleasure than La Hacienda brings to us.