Welcome to our little corner of Mexico

in Peterborough Ontario!

Here at La Hacienda we are very proud of our Mexican Heritage and are delighted to have the chance to share it with you. Our authentic Mexican dishes are made from family recipes. We prepare our dishes from scratch and use the freshest ingredients available.

Delicious Sopa Azteca

Take a moment to read about the foods we serve at La Hacienda. It will help you understand the menu so you can choose exactly what you want when you join us– and perhaps you’ll try something exciting and new!



Chicken, Pork or Beef? You Choose!

TINGA is tender chicken breast shredded, then gently cooked with a medley of onions and tomatoes.

COCHINITA PIBILISĀ  is a Yucatan recipe that includes succulent shredded pork loin wrapped in banana leaves, simmered in a delicious Mayan sauce made with orange juice, annato seeds, cinnamon and other spices.

PICADILLO Tender shredded roast beef is cooked with potatoes in a tasty tomato sauce.

La Hacienda Restaurant, Peterborough Ontario

La Hacienda Restaurant, Peterborough Ontario

La Hacienda


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Visit our newly renovated restaurant in the cafe district, Hunter Street, Peterborough



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