Online Casino Bonuses: The Tricks Of The Trade

The Internet had a massive impact on the casino industry. For the first time in history people could suddenly gamble from the comfort of their own home. The number of online casinos has proliferated over the past couple of years, and right now it’s a player’s market. Don’t select a casino if they don’t offer an excellent bonus structure. In this article we would like to show you where and how to find good casino bonuses.

The most likely place where you will get an excellent bonus is with fairly new online casinos. These guys are operating in a very competitive market and they use the bonus structure to attract new customers.

The best would be to make a list of all the online casinos you can find, and write down their bonus structure. Then choose the one that gives the best bonuses.

A short online search has revealed that some casinos will give you a ‘match’ bonus where they will match your first deposit with a bonus of 500% of that deposit ‘ up to a certain maximum. Of course they do this in the hope of making you a loyal player, but it remains a good deal.

Another way to find nice bonuses is to locate one that has a refer-a-friend bonus system. They will give you a good bonus if you refer one of your friends to them. This way you could be earning bonuses forever ‘ just by talking to your friends and telling them about how much fun you’re having at the casino – and of course by mentioning that you have made great wins recently.

Many online casinos also offer loyalty programs. Before you sign up with a specific casino, you should therefore check out if they have such a program. Every time you play you will earn points and eventually you will be able to either redeem it for cash or use it for more games. If two casinos are otherwise identical, but one has a loyalty program and the other not, you will know what to do!

Read the fine print before signing up with a casino. Not all the bonus structures are the same. Very often they have expiry dates. If you don’t spend a certain amount of money from your own funds within a certain period, you will lose the bonus. Sometimes they only pay out if you have a certain minimum amount in your account. Where and how to find good casino bonuses is therefore a matter of keeping your eyes open and always be on the lookout for a good deal.